Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stupid Fights

Are we the only ones that find stupid things to argue about?

We don't fight over money, there is no need to. I mean we own our home and his truck (still making payments on mine.)

We don't fight over not spending enough time with each other, I see him 6 days out of the week and since we work together I see him quite a bit. Wondering about the seventh day aren't you, I have class and work all day one day of the week and when I make it home it an hour after he has left for work.

We don't fight over children; we don't have any yet.

We don't fight over what to watch on TV; we don't have cable therefore we don't really have much to watch. I mean I'd rather not watch college basketball but I just let him watch it and find something else to do.

We don't fight about cleaning the house because I like to do laundry and enjoy cleaning the house; I just have to find away to get him out of the house long enough for me to clean it.

We don't fight over sex well because we are both in our twenties and there is no need to fight over that subject just yet.

We don't fight over him leaving the toilet seat up. He doesn't leave it up, he's trained.

No we manage to fight over what one could consider the world's stupidest things to fight over.

For example, this morning we went to Tim Horton's for breakfast. He thought he order two breakfast sandwiches when I heard him only order one. We argued over this for like five minutes about the number of breakfast sandwiches he ordered. I know life altering subject to be arguing about.

Another example, where things are in the kitchen. Come on you live here you should know where the mixing bowls are, where serving utensils are, etc. I hate it when he asks me where something goes or where it is several times over. My usual response is "how do you not know where it goes? In that cupboard, I am going to draw you a map of the kitchen cabinets if you ask again."

Even when we are driving somewhere we tend to bicker over what is on the radio. I tend to skip over "his favorite song" which by the is every song I skip over. Not really a true fight; usually goes like this "I liked that one." "I know but I like this one more."

Add in remodeling a house and there are even more stupid fights. Removing the cabinet wrong, easier if you remove that trim this way, just screw the damn drywall into the ceiling my arms are breaking (personal favorite). I was holding the piece of drywall up and he was taking his sweet time describing on how he was going to put this said piece of drywall in. I was like I don't care just screw it in my arms are hurting from holding this nice light piece of drywall above my head.

There are so many stupid things we argue about; I think that we are crazy.

I do love him, very very much.

Now stop laughing at us.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. It's a similar thing in our house. We don't argue very often. 11 years together and maybe 6 big arguments? But the thing that we do shout about is why as soon as something has gone missing it is my fault! Why would I move his screwdriver set/drill/hammer?!! He once left the hammer in the middle of the living room floor. As an experiment, I left it alone to see what would happen. 6 weeks later, still there - no joke! Then he wanted the hammer and didn't know where it was (duh) so I got shouted at as I had 'obviously moved it'!! Why the frigging hell would I purposely put it there?!! It must be the MAN GENE! I can totally relate to women that kill their husbands after 60+ yrs of marriage :)

    1. I think we've had maybe one big fight (over something that was actually important) but we just have these small little stupid fights. It's kind of funny about their tools though, I mean every night I go around the house collecting tools and putting them back into the appropriate toolbox. If I didn't do this he'd probably freak out cause he doesn't know where his tools are. Plus since I've bought most of his tools for him, I really don't want them to get lost or broken.


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