Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 18: Refrigerator

Today we went and got the refrigerator that I got for Christmas from my parents. Aren't they just great parents get their kids a full size normal refrigerator so that we no longer have to use the nice dorm size fridge. My favorite thing is that we now have a freezer where I can cook something for example chili and store the large amounts of left overs for those nights that I don't want cook.

Moving it from the garage to the house. They were about ready to remove the door that leads from the kitchen to the garage because without the door it would fit...Enter Lyndsey...I mentioned that the front door might be big enough, and guess what it was. I know I am amazing!

Going into the kitchen.

So pretty! ( I did however want a stainless steel one but all the rest of the appliances that I got for really really cheap were white so I got the white one.)

Oh I love the freezer, so pretty. Oh did I fail to mention we have no food to put in this fridge.

Hopefully the kitchen will be ready by Monday or Tuesday so I can call the electrician in the "family" and will be able to get the proper plug for the stove/oven put in. Be really nice to have a kitchen by the end of the week.

Big-D is off trying to remove the old stove and extra cabinet so that the fridge will actually fit where it is suppose to go. That should be done by the time I get home from work, that is right I had to work on Saturday. That means if I am off working I figure he should be too.

Having that kitchen done by the end of next week means only good things for him. One being that he won't have to buy as much fast food for us to eat. Second he'll have lunches other than eww ham hot pockets. Third his woman will be very very happy (maybe that should be number one).

Off to pretend like I am actually working very hard.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Oh just wait until I post about what we accomplished this morning!!! I am very excited to show everyone.


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