Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 19: Cabinet Removal

As my goal to have a kitchen that I can cook in by the end of the week, we had to start removing the cabinets at some point. However, I had to work afternoons on Sunday which meant early morning for me and late night for Big-D.

If you remember back to this post where I had my friend Mikey remove the old stove top and the front of the cabinet.

Well the stove is now "in"; it's in its spot but I have to have the electrician come out and wire up the proper box so that way I can plug it in. Then it will probably need a good cleaning and I will be all set to cook!!! The first mean I am going to cook is...hmmm...not sure yet stay tuned in to find out. (Might even be open to some good suggestions.)

Looks so pretty. I am still cleaning up sawdust from cutting out the counter. Big-D said he swept up several times after getting done, but it wasn't up to my standards when I got home so I had to sweep the floors again. I hate dust!

You can tell where the tools sat.

I am so excited that I will once again be able to cook in my own kitchen!!!!

For some odd reason I am very into the !!!!s tonight.

Back to work, have a few more things that I would like to get done before we can go to bed.

Over and out,
A Engineer Missing Her Kitchen


  1. Wahoo! Can't wait to see what it looks like all rearranged!

    1. If only I had wonderful white cabinets...but I think if I even mentioned it I would be shot.


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