Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 27: STOVE!

That right there is the clock on my stove!!! Yes I have a stove and I am so very happy that I can cook once again at my own house, in my own kitchen.

On the menu for tomorrow night meatloaf and chocolate cupcakes (okay maybe no the cupcakes but I promised the guys at work that I would make them cupcakes for Thursday morning).

The best thing is the electrician canceled on us and me being the impatient person that I can be sometimes decided that between our two engineer minds and a contractor's son, we could figure out how to wire up a stove.

First I went to Lowes, my new favorite store, and got the proper plug. Unfortunetly when I got there I had forgotten which type of plug I needed; so I decided to get both the three wire plug and the four wire plug to prevent from having to run back to Lowes. For our stove we needed the four wire plug.

Mikey trying to get the wires into the proper terminals.

Close up on his work.

Big-D drilled the wire box and plug receptor to the cabinet and then drilled a hole through the cabinet so the plug would fit through. All of which is now hidden behind a cabinet.

So happy that I have a working stove, no more fast food for a very long time (or Friday, I always get Taco Bell on my way home from work at midnight.)

The cabinets in their new homes, all I need is some counter top and we will be good to go.

Next up on the kitchen work is...dishwasher installation.

Over and out,
A Engineer that can cook in her Kitchen

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