The Engineer

I'm Lyndsey, the Engineer behind all the madness. Okay so I am not quite an engineer yet but I am very close to to getting my degree that I can taste it.

When I am not at work (where I spend at least 50 hours a week) or at school (where I spend another 20 hours a week) I'm in my kitchen cooking something. When I am not working, studying, or cooking I tend to be sewing or find fun things to make or do. And if I'm not home then I am out in the woods.

The man I cook for is my fiancee who was affectionately nicknamed, Big -D, by my good friend Lindsay (we like to confuse things around here.) He has gained about 20 lbs since we have been together.

Big-D is the cousin to one of my really good friends from high school. I don't even know when we started dating; but I do know that our first real "date" was going four wheeling in the woods. We aren't the romantic type around here either.

Our story is the average love story. Country girl with big truck finds city boy with bigger truck. (I should say he's not a city boy city boy he grew up on the edge of town on a couple acres of land just not on a farm like this country girl did.) He comes from a very very Catholic family and I come from the average Catholic family. I went to public schools from age 4 to age 17, he hasn't been in a public school since he was 9. He prefers to hunt, I prefer to fish. Some how we fell in love, bought a fixer-upper and got engage.

Oh yeah, one more "person" you need to meet.

His name is Hank. He's my German Shorthaired Pointer puppy that we got in May of 2012. He is already spoiled and is a major mama's boy.

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