Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 32: Demolition in Master Bedroom

I sit here stress free. I love how knocking down drywall with a hammer relieves the frustration and stress from the day.

The master bedroom had this tissue paper faux finish on the wall and I HATED it plus it was painted red and I HATED that more. Instead of trying to chemically remove it and waste all that time and money, we decided it would probably be more effiecient to just replace the drywall.

I am kind of happy that we decided to take down the drywall since we found a carpenter ants nest in the wall by the window, that we most likely wouldn't have known was there if we didn't. Was really nice that we found the way that they were getting in really really quickly.

There was some drywall left up when I took these pictures because I had to go to work, but Big-D said that he was going to dry to take down the rest before I got home.


Hopefully tomorrow we can put up some new insulation by tomorrow and start putting up some drywall as well. I want to replace the outlets as well.

Then we have a major mess to clean up and one room in the house will be ready to paint some time before I go crazy.

I will have post very soon with the paint colors and room theme.  It will be a big surprise to all of you.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Tissue paper faux finish?! Ballsy of you guys to rip down the walls but it's going to look soo very fresh when you're finished.

    1. His idea, I blame him. He said it would easier, less time consuming and I have very limited spare time. Aiming to get it finished by next weekend...I have high hopes.


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