Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 34: Discovery in Master Bedroom

While were tearing everything out of the master bedroom and cleaning up the major mess that we had, I had the great idea of why not just take up the carpet while we are tearing stuff out.

Guess what I found under the carpeting...

If you are guessing more carpeting you'd be wrong.

If you are guessing just carpet padding you'd also be wrong.

If you are guessing beautiful hardwoods, I'd be dreaming and you'd be wrong.

No this is what we found under the carpet...

I found tiles, was completely amazed when I saw them. By the way I said "Look at what I found." Big-D thought I found hardwoods.

Still wondering why someone ever put tiles in a master bedroom.

Anyways since there is no more left for me to rip out of this room and I have a massive pile of garbage bags in my hallway cause my garage is full of scrap wood, appliances and drywall. The windows will be replaced but Lowe's is doing that. And replacing the outlets but that is easy to do.

Well off to pretend like I might actually be working,

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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