Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowing in Michigan

Here in Michigan the weather can change literally in heartbeat. For example last Saturday (November 26, 2011) it was nearly 60°F.  Now today (November 30, 2011) it is 32°F and snowing. When I say snowing its not this nice slowly coming down snow that will accumulate an inch or two of snow; it's snowing hard where I believe that we had probably three inches of snow in like six hours.

Not that I don't mind snow, actually I like until I have to drive in it. I have a big Dodge Ram 4x4 truck, that gets around pretty good even in the snow but it still terrifies me to drive in it because I wrecked one truck in similar type of snow. So when I drove into work today and only had one small/mini panic attack I was very proud of myself.

The snow coming down...look at the pretty blue truck.

When I got the camera out to take a picture of my truck, Big-D wanted me to take (another) picture of his truck. (I have more pictures of his truck on my computer than of anything else.)

I looks so pretty. I like the neighbors lights in the distance.

Weatherman says it suppose to keep snowing on and off until about 9am and that we are to get between three to eight inches of snow. Then get some nice rain and snow mixture to go on top of the snow to make a nice winter fun mess.

Well it should be fun trying to go home from work in the morning. Be really awesome if I didn't have class either and I would totally bake something yummy.

Love ya guys,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Wholly crap! Living in the SW of England I have NEVER seen snow like that! I would panic! We had a tiny bit of snow last year, which froze to ice and everything ground to a hault. The buses wouldn't go, the trains got stuck and my car refused to budge! It was not fun leaving the work Christmas party to find it had snowed and I had to walk home drunk :(

  2. That amount of snow isn't unusual for around here (it's worse up in the UP). It made the roads messy and driving to work in it wasn't much fun but it didn't stop most of us. Last year we got about 12 inches of snow over night twice (now that was a true mess).


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