Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome To My Kitchen!

Hello there,

To those that don't know me my name is Lyndsey, I am about to become an Mechanical Engineer, have a chocolate allergy and a new love of baking and cooking.

I do all of this in a kitchen that is very very small (all of 90 square feet). It is what I refer to is as a one person kitchen (meaning that only one person can be in there at a time). Now Big D (aka the man of my life and the one that I do most of my cooking for) thinks sometimes when I am cooking that he needs to be in there with me and that doesn't always work out so well and I have to tell him to get out of my kitchen.

My Tiny Kitchen, yes I have two refrigerators but no one purpose. I have to use the little dorm fridge many because the big one is broken (leaks lots of water) and the landlord "fixes it" (but it still leaks) and he refuses to remove it.  The stove is amazing...not...I can't use the stove top and the oven at the same time and I can usually only use one burner at a time (sometimes if I am lucky I can use two).

I have so much counter space...actually most of it is taken up by the microwave.

My little fridge packed full with the essentials (Ranch Dressing, frozen Snickers & Reese's in the freezer for Big D, Mountain Dew) and whatever else might be in there.

That's my kitchen, its not huge but it will work until the day that I get to build my own house and have the kitchen of my dreams. (Which isn't only a few years away!!)

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