Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Tires

I finally got new tires last night. The tires that I bought were Good Year Wrangler AT/S, which are some awesome All - Terrain tires!!

Anyways, I went to Belle Tie to get those wonderful new tires. I decided to go there for a couple reasons. One of the being those commercials I hear on the radio saying how wonderful they are at Belle Tire and the second being that I a couple months ago need to put a quart of oil in my truck while I was at the gas station, unable to get the oil cap off I saw that there was a Belle Tire next to the gas station. I ran over there and they were so kind to not only take the oil cap off for me but to also put the oil in for me as well. I was very grateful that they did this for me for no charge at all.

After this wonderful experience that didn't even involve tires at all, helped me make my decision to try them for when I actually needed tires.

I'm glad that I went there; the service was as wonderful as the commercials say. I will definitely be going there again.

FYI - I wrote this not because Belle Tire asked me too but purely so that people out there would know that what they say about Belle Tire is correct.

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