Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finishing Touches On Remmy's Hoodie

I loved making this little hoodie for Remmy so much that I might actually make her another one. Lindsay requested one with brighter colors; any suggestions?

Here's the last little bit that I had to do to finish it up. Very excited that I get to give it to her tomorrow afternoon!!

The cuffs attached to the sleeves, decided to put the green fleece on the outside to add a little color to the camouflage.

After many swear words and fingers being poked by the needles, the first sleeve was attached. Starting to really look like something. Attaching the sleeves to rest was the hardest thing to do.


Both of the sleeve attached. This was the step when I realized that I didn't have that much left to do at all!

Next thing to do was sew up the sides...this step is the step that I broke not one but two needles; one for each side.

Last step was at attach the bottom cuff. (Sorry for the poor picture.)

Okay actually the true last step was to go back and trim some of seams.

I can't believe that this didn't take that much time at all (I believe all of 3 days and not even continually working on it for those 3 days; just kind of here and there.) And I am past happy with the results. Will definitely be making another one for the pooch. If only I could find something like this for my massive dogs, then I'd be all set.

Going over to Lindsay's house tomorrow so I will update with pictures of Remmy hopefully wearing her brand new hoodie.

Over and Out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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