Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday!

Who went out Black Friday shopping?

We went out Thursday night because the Walmart started their sale at 10PM on Thanksgiving day and Cousin Zack wanted to go and get a ping-pong table. Dude let me tell you there are some crazies at Walmart (no offense to anyone that went to Walmart). The Michigan State Troopers were there and I was like it's never a good sign on calmness when the State Troopers are called in.

Anyways, Cousins Zack got the ping pong table that he wanted, we were all freigthened and decided to go home and just go to bed but Cousin Zack is on of those crazies (okay hes not that bad just likes the excitement of Black Friday so he then sat in line at Kohl's for 2 hours in the cold).

I kind of went Black Friday shopping, bought some things for Big-D from

Did you know that almost all the stores offer there Black Friday sales (some even do their Doorbusters deals on online as well)?

We had a dinner and a movie date last night and the movie started at 9:15PM and I was like lets go to the mall for a while. This is where my impulse buy comes in, I bought a new TV.

Hope y'all had fun with whatever you did on Friday!
Over n' out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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