Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hoodies for Dogs!

I have a slight addiction to two stores...Barnes & Noble and Joanne Fabrics. I can spend countless of hours at both stores and not even buy anything. Big D hates going to these two stores with me mainly because he knows that he'll have to sit around waiting for me.

Anyways, on Friday I went to Joanne Fabrics to start on a little something something that I am making for a friend's son (will post on that later once I start it). But when I was looking through the pattern books I found the cutest thing I have ever seen for a dog.

Hoodies for dogs!!! Now I looked at the pattern and it said for extra small to medium sized dogs...I don't think my dogs classify as extra small to medium size being that they both are black labs. Sam weighs in at approximately 120 pounds and Dakota is approximately 60lbs.

I really liked these and really wanted to make one so I thought of a surrogate dog that I could make one comes Remmy (short for Remington), this is my best friend's Lindsay's dog (yes my best friend has the same name as me.)

When I showed her which one I wanted to make for Remmy, she thought it was the coolest thing as well (great minds think a like right). However, Matt (Lindsay's boyfriend) said that I could only make one for her if it was Realtree camouflage. So I am making a hooded sweatshirt for a dog that is reversible (little adaptation to the pattern); with camouflage on one side and green fleece on the other.

I will periodically update on this project. Hopefully it won't take to long to make but with my busy schedule you never really know when I will have that much time to work on it.

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