Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Doggie Hoodie

I have been working on the hooded sweatshirt for my friend's dog, Remmy. I have actually got quite a bit done and it doesn't seem like it has been taking that much time at all to do it. Seems like thing that took the longest was the actually cutting out of the fabrics.

I made a slight adaptation to the pattern that I bought, by adding a fleece lining. I couldn't find a camouflage sweatshirt material, all I could find was t-shirt material and I then I thought this way it could be reversible.

I first sewed the lining and the outer fabrics together (with the right surfaces on the outside).

After I sewed all the lining to the outer fabric it was finally time to work on the pattern. First thing they had me do was sew the front to the back.

Close up on the seams, then I cut a small slit at the V.  (This makes it much easier when attaching the hood to the rest of the hoodie.)

Next on to the hood; very simple to make just sewed the edges to gather.

Cousin Zack so happy that I made him try on the hood. He was so happy when I told him this was going online and that he had the Michigan State University blanket when he is a University of Michigan fan.

Next I sewed the bottom of the hood together; it looks like a hood now.

Then it was time to attach the hood to the front and back. After poking myself a million times in the fingers with the needles, it started to actually look like a sweatshirt.

Close up on the hood attachment.

Hopefully at this rate I will be able to get this finish by tomorrow morning; hasn't taken as long as I thought it would.

Over and out!
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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