Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silver Lake Sand Dunes: Trucks & Beach

It's the perfect family vacation place.

The boys play with trucks, quads, and dirt bikes out in the sand, while the girls lay out on the beach and play in the water.

This is one of the few times that my truck has ever left a paved road (other than the dirt/gravel road that we live on). I had a four wheeler in the back of my truck and the boys only attempted to put it through my back window once.

I told the boys that I wanted the blue quad in the back of my truck so it would match; they laughed at me but I like to be color coordinated sometimes.

Still missing a taillight...some day the insurance company will call me back telling me it is okay for me to get it fixed.

On the way out to the dunes I was following Big-D and well he slowed down to make sure Cousin in law Josh didn't need help pulling some guy out. Of course because he was slowing down it caused me to slow down and since I already had a quad almost going through my back window I was pissed. Well he slowed down to a stop caused me to stop and well get stuck. He came back yelling at me and I was like I am stuck get your truck over here and get me out (I tried rocking to get out but every time I switched gear the quad would smack the window). This is the traffic jam that I created.

The trucks on the beach: Cousin in law Josh's truck, my truck, and Big-D's truck.

Before I took this picture I actually made Big-D pull his truck up because it didn't line up right.

Cousin in law Josh taking the quad out of the back of my truck.

Coming down the ramp.

Seriously I think this pictures should be in a magazine for Ford trucks. I totally love it!

I like taking pictures of our trucks, I don't know why; I probably do it for the same reason that I have a billion pictures of Hank.

There was a island of trees in the dunes, I totally had Big-D take his big ass truck up into so I could take some pictures. It was rather difficult to get back out.

We sat on the beach for about four hours and the people that belonged to this towel and flip flops never came back.

A couple of larger boats came to the beach and the people swam to the beach to hang out. 

The sister in laws complained about the boats coming up to the beach, they didn't like that the boat was blocking their view. I simply informed them that it was a state owned beach and that the people on the boats had just as much rights to use at as we did.

Please someone come up with a caption for this pictures and leave it in the comments.

Then it rained, we loaded all of the stuff back into the trucks and decided to go shopping. Of course once we got off the dunes it basically stopped raining.

I like taking random pictures of rain.

Next up Hank and the Dunes!

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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