Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Silver Lake Sand Dunes: Hank Edition

This post actually have nothing very little to do about trucks. This was our first "vacation" with the Hanky Panky. I had a lot fun playing on the beach, getting lots of sleep and driving around in the sand dunes with this little boy as my co-pilot.

He pretty much slept all the time while I was driving, usually on my lap. The sister in laws even offered a couple of times to drive around with me to hold him and when they were there in the truck (sitting in his seat) he was sleeping on my lap.

Here are just a few of my favorite Hank pictures from the trip.

I honestly have no clue what he was doing in this picture but I think it might of involved his "bird" (it is underneath him for those that can't see it).

I love his intense stares, he wins the staring contests all the time. 

Watching some trucks go by. He had never jumped out of the truck before with the window all the way down...well guess who learned how to jump out of the truck via the window.

He was an absolute riot to watch dig holes on the beach. He would seriously bark and run around his hole having a grand ole time. We had several people stop by and see his hole and to watch him play.

It was a rather large hole; it was up to my knee in depth.

I think he ate a lot of sand over the weekend from digging.  Along with to much people food, grrr relatives that give my dog to much people food but oh well it was vacation.

When he wasn't digging a hole or playing in the lake, he also learned how to swim during the trip, he was sunbathing.

Must protect my hole.

Chillin' the truck with dad, while mom took lots of pictures. 

Hank didn't even react to the loud trucks going by, he would occasionally turn his head when a dirt bike went by but I think he was looking for Cousin in law Josh to be honest.

It was definately a fun trip and I can't wait to have more camping trips with him. 

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. He's so big!! He looks like he had a grand old time. D

    1. I think he is huge, we have another GSP in our puppy class and he is 9 months old and Hank at 5 months is already almost as big as him.

      Someday I will get to posting the billion pictures I have of him, he is such a cutie; if I had a smart phone I could be cool and do instragram but I have a stupid phone.


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