Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Roof...Yay

We will finally be getting our new roof put on. They are going to start on this Friday and he even asked if it was alright if they worked through the weekend.

Hopefully, Sunday night I will have a brand new roof!!!

I might do before pictures of the roof ut it is rather embarrassing on how bad the roof really is. 

On another note, water company called me to tell me that they will be shutting off our water because they are changing the fire hydrant out in front of the house. He said I hope it won't be a big inconvenience and it will be off from 8am to 3pm. I wanted to say that it would actually be a huge inconvenience since I will be home all day but I said that it was fine.

Have fun Lowe's delivery men, that will be bring shingles tomorrow morning, in the mud; I can't wait for the mud....grrr living on a dirt road.

1 comment:

  1. I took a look at the pictures of your new, roof and I think it looks great! The roofers did a great job. If they did finish in two days, that would have been a really quick work. I hope that the roof has proven to be tough and durable in the face of bad weather!


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