Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Fun I Didn't Have

Before I go on to share all of the pictures that I took and fun I had on my vacation, I must first tell you about the fun I didn't have.

First off Big-D left with his cousins and siblings on Thursday morning. However, someone (me) doesn't get any vacation time so I had to work my 45 hours in four days instead of six, lets just say I worked 20 hours on Thursday.

Anyways, as I was returning to work from letting the dog out and a quick nap my mom called. She asked me where I was and I told her about 5 minutes from work. She told me to call her back when I got to work because she didn't want me to get in an accident. (My mom hates it when I talk and drive but I do think it has saved my life a time or two).

When I arrived at work, I called my mom back and received terrible news. My brother-in-law's,aka my Favorite Brother (hehe love you Paterrick), sister was killed in a car accident that morning. My heart instantly sank, she was only 18 and just about to "start" her life. I am not out looking for sympathy or empathy or anything like that but I sometimes feel like writing is one of the few ways I can express how I feel. After I had a good talk/cry session with my mom, I managed to go back to work.

Thursday night I contemplated not going on our trip but after two hours of not sure what to do I decided to go and try to have fun. Right then and there is where I should of known the trip was going to go down hill real fast. What a great way to start your only vacation that you'll probably get until next year. By Sunday afternoon I was done with the hole trip, my mom was calling me 800 times to make sure I was still alive and I was annoyed but I can't blame her. Her good friends just lost their daughter and I think her bugging me was her way of cooping. Sunday night Big-D and I went out for ice cream (the first time the whole trip that I got to talk to him and have a lone time with him) and we got Hank a doggy sundae. I felt much better after the ice cream, I need some alone time with Big-D to feel better. I mean Hank makes a good pillow to cry on but I prefer Big-D's shoulder.

Next time I plan a trip with Big-D's family remind me not too. I had as much fun as I could have considering the tragic event that occurred but his family (okay mainly his sisters) had us on the go way to much. I mean I like to spend my vacation time not doing anything, planning very few things and honestly just winging it. I spent more of the weekend alone because I wanted to chill at the camp ground with the Hank and nobody wanted to come back with me.

Anyways, I promise the next post about my vacation will be a happy one.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. I never enjoyed vacations until I got married... my in-laws rock at vacationing. There's lots of eating & sleeping & hardly any other plans. THAT'S the way you vacation!! :) My family used to plan way too much, so I feel ya. ;)

    1. I am a wing it vacationer, I don't plan anything that way if I happen to come across something fun I just do it.


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