Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surrounded by Water!

One of the best things about living in Michigan in the middle of summer is that a beach is never that far away. Now with that being said, we live 15 minutes away from Lake Huron. I will give you a Michigan hand map. Bare with me now.

Everyone hold up your left hand.
Now the side where the thumb is, that is Lake Huron.
Now see the piece of skin that goes between the thumb and the index finger, that is approximately where we live.

Anyways a couple of  weekends ago we went to the lake, actually we went to three of them. First we went to Houghton Lake (this is NOT one of the Great Lakes) to visit my dad. Ahh, the memories of growing up on the lake. Then we went to Lake Michigan and then Lake Leelanau. Here is another virtual Michigan map.

Everyone hold up your left hand, again.
Now see the middle joint of your middle finger, that is approximate location of Houghton Lake.
Now the side your hand that has your pinky (opposite side of Lake Huron), that is Lake Michigan.
Now see the area at the top of your pinky, that is what we call the Grand Traverse Bay (Lake Leelanau is very close to that.)

Okay you can put your hand down now.

The coolest thing about driving north in Michigan is that the further and further north you go and once you go over the bridge, the fewer and fewer big cities there are. Lots of farm land, hills and woods.

The thing I like most about driving up north is the peacefulness and then you hit Traverse City...We drove along the bay and saw lots of people in the water with their boats.

Wish we could of taken the boat out on the bay would have been so much fun. We did have lots of fun goofing around on the boat in Lake Leelanau.

Took a couple random shots of ropes while we waited (and waited) for the other passengers. 

My captain, I informed him (since we left the net at the dock) that I wasn't jumping in after his FAVORITE hat if it was blown off this head, so he turned it around backwards.

There are some houses up in those hills; I would love to live there.

Some more house along the shore; beach in my front yard...yes please.

 I like taking pictures of people when they have no clue that I am taking pictures of them, they look so natural.

The next few pictures of are my attempt of getting the rainbow that was in the spray.

First attempt...kind of their: fail.

Second attempt...not much better then the first attempt: also fail.

Third attempt...yay I got it!!!

Then there was the tubing attempt but it was so determined that the lake was to busy so we just played in the water with the tube.

All in all it was fun little day trip but I was happy to return to the Hanky and get snuggles all the way home the next morning. 

I hope you all enjoyed the Michigan hand map and don't hate me for it...but in real life if you would have asked me where those locations were, I would have proudly held up my left hand and showed you, its a Michigan thing.

How many of you held up your left hand to figure out what I was talking about? Anyone? Do you all now think I am a crazy person?

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

PS: I may need to find a new puppy sitter, my dad said he might retire from watching our dogs (Dakota and Hank) okay let's be honest mainly my dog because he is such a handful and a footful. I don't know how many phone calls I got asking how I manage to keep up with him.

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