Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Persons's a person

“A person's a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss

Last year for my baby cousin's first birthday I made him a really cool blanket (have to find pictures of it for you all to see.) He loves it, his parents love it, everyone that sees it loves it and a lot of people that found out that I made it didn't even know that I knew how to sew. I like surprising my family like that.

I started on another quilt for him a couple months back but then it got packed up one night and I never pulled it back out. Maybe it will be his Christmas present, a little boy can never have to many blankets right?

Well I really wanted to make him another cool quilt and when I went to Joann's to get fabric for another little one that will be turning one in a few weeks, I found something perfect for her but couldn't find anything that I loved for him. I went to one of the smaller fabrics stores and found some cool fabrics that I liked but they had a 1 yard minimum...and since both of the fabrics were $14/yard each and then I would have to find something to go with it I decided to pass. I then drove across down and went to another small fabric store. I walked around and there it was Dr. Seuss fabric, I loved Dr. Seuss growing up I had all of his books (until my mom gave them away...sad face).

They had a black circle pattern that looks just like the yellow one that I might go back and get for the back. I might also go get him a couple Dr. Seuss books as well.

Did I fail to mention that his birthday in on Tuesday...nothing like leaving a project till the last minutes...opps! 

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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  1. What a cool Cousin-Aunt you are! (I'm "Aunt" to all my baby cousins... it's weird to just be a cousin.) That's going to be a great blanket!


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