Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Because Sometimes Life Sucks!

Unfortunately, Dennis was one of the many that lost their jobs on Wednesday of last week and it totally sucks. I actually miss him at work, I work third shift and he worked first shift, our desks were 15 feet apart and I got to see him for an hour at work. The worse part is, they never called him to tell him not to come in and he drove into work (wasted 3 gallons of gas that's like $12) and couldn't get through the gate...great way to find out that you no longer have your job. But I guess it could be worse, we both could of lost our jobs.

Anyways, house stuff is going to be slowed for a while...maybe, I asked him to do a couple times around the house but lets be honest deer hunting is way more important then taking down the fake brick crap so we can put in a fireplace. Ironically, to make myself feel better because I am back to being a poor college student, I painted a room and will hopefully have time to go get a new ceiling fan up this weekend. We did a couple of other odd and end jobs around the house but nothing to huge expensive.

Hopefully, I will have a deer hanging in my garage by Saturday night and I hope it's the one I kill. Going deer hunting this weekend, YES I ACTUALLY TOOK A WEEKEND OFF!

Anyways, hope everyone is well and stay tuned I am really hoping I can talk him into doing lots of stuff around the house, crap if I could get him to do the dishes it would be a small victory.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Aw! I'm so sorry, Lyndsey!! What a CRAPPY way for your husband to find out he was laid off! That sucks! But good luck with the deer hunting this weekend! I'm sure you guys will have fun! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, its been a rough couple of days but things are starting to get back to "normal". Hank of is probably loving the fact that someone is home with him all day. He actually did a lot of work the last couple of days on the house and was telling me all the things he has planned for next my might be remodeled before to long.


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