Saturday, October 20, 2012

Other Happenings Around the House

I feel like a lot has been going on in the house but nothing that is worthy of an entire post.

All of the drywall and insulation was removed from the living room ceiling, click here to see why the ceiling had to be removed.

Oh what a mess cleaning up that was. The white brick in the corner has also been removed (and a massive ants nest was found and destroyed). New insulation has been installed and waiting on drywall. We decided that we would have a professional install the ceiling drywall.

The cabinet that goes above the stove was reinstalled and so was the cabinet that goes next to it (in this picture it is still sitting on the floor). It only took like six months for us to get the cabinets back up.

Big-D built the handrails for the back door steps, needed to be done for insurance purposes and we final got around to it. Luckily I have a really cool insurance agent and he understood the fact that there were more important things that needed to be done.

I also, with the help of Big-D who ran the wires in the dark crawlspace, got the new laundry room all wired up and it works...go me! Only managed to electrocute myself once, it was only a little tingle nothing serious.

Big-D put a bigger gate up because someone learned how to jump the old makeshift one that we had. He has is only able to half clear (can't get his hole body) over the new gate, next summer we plan on extending the six foot fencing. Hopefully the cheapest of this gate will keep people from stealing it...we have had two gates stolen, why someone would steal a gate I have no clue.

Lastly, we installed a door for the guest bedroom...guess what? The floors in our house aren't even...go figure. Nothing like a project that should only take a hour taking three right.

Other than that not much really going on around here....well in the house at least.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Whoa! That ceiling looks like quite the project. I'd hire a professional too!

  2. Just getting it down and cleaned up was a pain, we have hung drywall through out most of the house but I was like lets hire someone (my bestfriend's dad does home remodels so he gave us a really good deal) and I didn't get any arguments.


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