Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Next Life I Shall Be An...

I think in my next life I should be an electrician.

Laundry room circuit...done! Works, all outlets read 120ish volts, go me!

Dryer outlet...done. Works, outlet gets 240ish volts, once again go me!

Just have to tack up the wires so they look all nice and pretty then it is inspection time. Hopefully that can be done sometime this week. 

Replaced nine more outlets in the living room, pain in the butt but done. No mom, I will not come and do electrical work for you, I am official done with anything more than replacing a few fans and outlets.

Next step, inspection then water lines are being installed...yay!

Until then I will have to once again do laundry at a place that is not my home, this sucks, like seriously I did it for 2 years and was excited to not have to do it anymore when we got our washer and dryer.  Now we are back to having to do it at my parents for a few weeks and seriously I hate it.

Oh well. (Will post pictures of laundry room soon.)

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Lyndsey yo have a new follower from Chile

  2. You rock!
    Doing laundry at home is a beautiful thing that I forget is so precious sometimes. ;)

    1. The simple things in life make me happy, washer and dryer, dishwasher, vacuum. It kind of suck because now I have to make time to actually go do laundry, oh well only be until Nov 10 (yay plumbing!)


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