Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Room: Paint Job

I painted the guest room last weekend and OMG do I love the way it turned out. I wanted something fun but also some what neutral and I needed some type of color on the wall.

Big-D hes a simple man, if he has his way every wall in the house would be white, but don't worry do you think he gets his way all the time...nope.

The guest bedroom out of all the rooms in the house, is the room that needed to least amount of work. Once we fixed the closet (the master bedroom closet and the guest room closet was separated by a sheet of drywall) there was nothing really do but new flooring (some day) and paint the walls.


Before: Looking in from the hallway.

Before: Windows

Before: Other corner

Before: Looking from the room to the hallway.

 Before: Closet

I don't always put primer on the wall but being that there was a dark color on the bottom half of the wall and marker all over the wall (grrrr...people that let their kids draw on the wall.) The primer covered the paint but not so much the marker so I ended up having to get the two-in-one paint anyways.

After: Other corner

After: Looking in from the hallway.

After: Windows

The day after I got done painting, I went in to clean the windows and yep kids colored on the windows as well. I really don't know what these parents were thinking but seriously the kids colored on all sorts of stuff, including cabinets.

After: Looking from the room to the hallway.

After: Closet

Now to find two twin size mattresses for the bed frames, I might have a couple of leads.

Over and Out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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