Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Shooping Spree

Today I went on a small shopping spree. When I say small I really do mean small, I think I spent a total of like $25. It was rather fun actually.

It started at Harbor Frieght...I found a few things that I really liked there but didn't purchase anything. I will probably go back and purchase a few things that I really liked a some point in the near future. FYI-Harbor Freight is similar to a Ace Hardware store.

Next I found myself at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love Bed, Bath and many things that I want to buy for a when the house is done.

Here's what I got today...

Cute mini pig fry pan. It says that is great from making eggs for sandwiches and pancakes. I totally want to make pancakes with this but my main concern is how would I flip the pancake...I know buy the little pig spatula too.

Since I got the pig mini frying pan, I thought I should get the matching pig kitchen timer. His name shall be Harry.

I also got this nice silicone keyboard. I was looking for one of these the other night and couldn't find one. The reason I wanted one was because for one when I type on the normal keyboard you can hear from a mile away. My old boss would ask me if I was mad at the keyboard. (Already have noticed that I now type quieter.) Second a while back my laptop screen decided that it no longer wanted to work so Big-D hooked it up to a computer monitor and I was tried of typing off to the side of the monitor instead of front of it.

This is my "office" on a little piece of corner counter space in the kitchen. I have noticed that some of the numbers across the top don't seem to work but that is okay I can always use the number pad or just reach over to the keyboard on the laptop.

After Bed, Bath and Beyond we went to Target. And there is where I found him...

I have never seen a non-white cow creamer before, so when I saw him I just had to buy it. I haven't come up with a name for him yet. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.

Then  I went home with no plans to do any more shopping. 

Then came the I need to run to Meijer to get milk...That's is where I bought this impulse buy. Justin Verlander Fastball Flakes. Now as one might know but I LOVE the Detroit Tigers and anything Detroit Tigers so I just had to buy them. When I grabbed them Big-D rolled his eyes at me.

Over all I had a fun day of shopping, even though I didn't really buy that much nor spend that much money.

Look at all of the fun things that I bought.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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