Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day out and is suppose to remain beautiful for tomorrow as well. I mean it was 76° in March in Michigan...this doesn't happen all that often nor will I say it will continue to happen because let's face it; it's Michigan and the weather can change very very fast.

This morning after eating breakfast we ran out to get some rakes and yard waste bags. I was not going to waste such a nice day working on things that needed to be done inside the house.

So we raked leaves and then some more leaves and ten yard waste bags later...we have half of the front yard done.

Now I am at work (which should be considered cruel and unusual punishment since it is so nice out).

Look at all those other suckers that are at work with me...

Good thing that it will be nice again tomorrow so I can get a few things inside the house done and then continue to rack some more.

For the next few hours I will however be working and doing this...

Now doesn't that just look like so much fun.

Over and out,

A Engineer in the Kitchen

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