Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding/Honeymoon Fund

I have for a while been saving our change in little mason jars in the cabinet and my friend Mike keeps telling me about these things called banks...has anyone else every heard of these so called banks?

Now no one come break into my house there really isn't that much money in the jars and I do use a bank.

There are three jars in the cabinet. One is the roof fund, the second is the wedding fund and the third (which contains all pennies) is the honeymoon jar.

Then for Christmas, Future Sister-in-Law, go me a really cute piggy bank. Now I should explain that I love pigs and in turn I love piggy banks. Now this really cute piggy banks sits above the mason jars but has no money in it. So one day I thought I should turn that into the wedding fund piggy bank but then changed my mind because it was to pretty to "wreck" by writing "Wedding Fund" on it.

Now I am back to thinking about this because let's be honest here it sounds like a much funner topic to think about then the Thermodynamics test I have to take in a half hour. I know I know such a good college student over here (Mom please don't yell at me, I did a lot of studying last night).

I know I want to be able to write "Wedding Fund" on it, but I can't decide if I should chalkboard paint so that way I can change the title of the piggy bank after the wedding or if I should use stencils or stickers. I also thought it would be fun to do something fun like attaching rings to the top (see below) or even a cake topper.

Picture from : dexknows Weddings
My plan is to pay for most of our honeymoon, we'd love to go on a cruise to Alaska, with pennies. I know it sounds crazy, I have been saving our pennies for a while now and I have one of those electronic counting banks and we are at $20...I think we have a long ways to go.  

So I would like to make a piggy bank for the "Honeymoon Fund" as well. I have no idea what do for that one though. I think it would be cool to include something that has to do with Alaska, maybe a Grizzly Bear or a Polar Bear. Do Polar Bears live in Alaska?

Anyways, I best be getting back to studying for a few more minutes before my test. 

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

What do you think about my piggy bank idea? Any ideas? Tips? Suggestions? 

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