Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Heart is a Little Broke

My heart is a little broken today.

I guess I should just be honest and say its a lot broken.

Don't worry nothing happened between Big-D and I.

However, I do feel like I lost my first love of football. Next season Peyton Manning will not be wearing a number 18 Colts jersey.

I will forever love Peyton Manning no matter what team he plays for...I mean a future son will be named after him. I will also forever love the Colts, if the Colts were a person and could sleep on my couch that would be their current location.

Peyton was the man that I would have many conservations with through the TV during games. The man I would stay up late to watch Monday night football just to see him play for the Colts. He'd make me laugh with his goofy commercials and make me cry when they lost to the Patriots. Without Peyton I would have never fallen in love with football. Without him my cable bill would end in October instead of being extended to March.

To be honest I watched the Colts because of Peyton, I fell in love with Peyton and the Colts. Now they have broken up and I feel like the child in the middle of a divorce. The loyalty to my mother,the Colts, and the loyalty to my father, the quarterback. I love them both very dearly.

Off to mend my very broken heart,
A sad Engineer

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