Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day Eight!

I feel like today was a very productive day but it doesn't seem like that much even got done. We still don't have running hot water and we are calling in the professional to get the hot water heater hooked up. My dad and Big-D's dad went out and got us a new water heater. Which was great but it was larger then the old one and now the plumbing needs to be adjusted for this change. Hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow and I will be able to take a nice long hot shower in our new house.

Got a new door that leads from the kitchen to the garage. However, there is no door knob or hinges so it's not useable.

Got "new" appliances but none of them are hooked up and are sitting in the garage. They are used appliances and the cool thing is they are only like 5 years old so they are still pretty new and are in really good condition. Plus we got them for a really good price. Still haven't picked up the new refrigerator from the store yet, hopefully we will find time tomorrow to do that.

One thing that did get done was a lot of cleaning which means that we can finally start moving stuff in from the dining room and putting it in its appropriate place.

I think I will at least be a somewhat happy camper when I have running hot water. Trying to clean with freezing cold water is starting to hurt the hands and Big-D doesn't like it when I put them on his neck to warm them up.

Well hopefully tomorrow is maybe a little bit more productive or at least seems that way.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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