Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Stockings!

I have spent the last week making Christmas stockings for my parents, siblings, friends, cousins, and the important puppies in my life. After the first couple they became pretty easy and got done quickly. Only had a million and half things to do during the last week (including finals) so they took me a little longer than what I wanted to get them done.

I got the pattern for these stocking at Prudent Baby (I googled free stocking patterns and this was the first one that I found that seemed easiest). I also liked that I could use a little less then a half yard of fabric and I have a lot of scrap fabric so I really liked that as well.

First I layered the outside fabric (the fancy fabric), a layer of bating, and then the liner (coordinating color) and cut along the pattern. Then I flipped the pattern over and repeated the process.

Next I sewed along the edges on both the "front" and "back".

I used some scrap fabric and created a cuff (I made two of them) and cut a strip to sew on the bottom edge.

I attached the cuffs to the "front" and "back".

Then I folded the cuffs over and pined it down. Next pined the "front" and "back" together and sewed along the edge. Used a piece of ribbon (or scrap fabric) to create a hoop so the stocking can be hung.

Look at how cute...The purple one is for my sister Renee and the black and red one her husband (my favorite brother in-law) Justin. I bought those sparkly initials at Target for a buck. Unfortunately I couldn't find a L, a second M, and P so I found a fancier ones at Kohls.

I think I made a total of fifteen stockings for various different people. Even made one for myself but didn't  hang it up since I won't have anything to put in it. Don't they look so nice up on the mantle and around the fireplace. And look at the lovely decorated Christmas tree.

Didn't forget the puppy dogs stockings; just didn't have room around the "fire".

Close up on the Christmas tree. FYI- I'm in the process of moving and didn't feel like unpacking Christmas stuff just to repack it up (two days before Christmas). However, I did still want to be some what Christmas around the apartment so I drew this beautiful picture to put my presents around.

Now only if it can snow a little bit on Thursday night so we can have a white Christmas and not snow again until the next Christmas Eve.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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  1. What a great idea for gifts. Love the personalization too :)


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