Friday, December 23, 2011

Chez moi! Day One!

FYI for all you none french speaking people...Chez moi means my home! Sorry I am like half French and I occasionally throw random french words into my life.

I bought my first home on Wednesday, December 21st 2011. It was my very expensive Christmas present to myself.

I realized when I was looking at the pictures that I look pictures of the back of the house and the backyard (plus all the inside rooms) but didn't take any of the front of the house of the front yard. So those will be coming in the next couple of days.

She definitely needs some tender loving care but I don't mind the work.

The entryway:
 View from the bathroom.

 Hole in the ceiling in the hall closet.

 Hallway closet with insulation on the floor...from the hole in the ceiling (see above picture).

View from the kitchen/living room.

The master bedroom:

The guest bedroom:

The third bedroom which will be used as an office:

The bathroom: 

Linen closet, there was one below this but it had a big scary spider in it and Big-D wasn't there to kill it so I didn't want to open the door again. I mean it could of grown 10 feet tall and eaten me right there on the spot...what a rational fear.

The bathroom has a pocket door, which I think is nice; creates more space in the bathroom.

The living room: 

Looking into the living room from the kitchen and future location of a fireplace.

Love the nice big picture window that looks into the backyard.

Looking into the kitchen from the living room.

The kitchen:

Missing overhead light in the kitchen; oh and only a small fire hazard.

The utility room and the dining room:

Sliding glass door that leads into the backyard.

Nice little bar/storage area in the corner.

Utility room in the dining room, that is going to have to change. Going to build a mudroom in some of the extra space  in garage and put the washer and dryer in their.

The garage:

The missing door...

Nice big work bench.

The backyard and back of the house:

Lovin' the tree house :)

The house isn't in the best of shape but it has a lot of potential and with a little TLC it should turn out great.

Over and out,
A new home owner


  1. Congrats!! Loving the new house -- I know you'll treat it right. :) And that backyard is amazing.

  2. Oh I am totally loving it and the backyard is one of my favorite things about the house (that and the dishwasher.)


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