Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy week!

I have a crazy couple of weeks ahead of me. I hate the week before finals...everything is due and you're trying to study for finals. This means I will probably do some major neglecting of the blog.

Here is what my week is looking like:

  1. Organize binders
  2. Get notecards
  3. Finish Statics homework that is due Tuesday
  4. Start Statics bridge project powerpoint
  5. Start Statics bridge project paper
  1. Look at house at 3:30PM
  2. Dentist appointment at 2:00PM
  3. Start making notecards for classes
  4. Start reviewing for finals 
  5. Make list of homework problems for different classes
  6. Complete Powerpoint and paper for statics bridge project
  7. Work on Owen's pillows
  8. Mail out Heather's birthday card
  1. Continue to review for finals
  2. Continue to make notecards
  3. Work on Owen's pillows
  4. Email Powerpoint and paper for bridge project to partner to look over
  1. Continue to review for finals
  2. Finish notecards
  3. Finish Owen's pillows
  4. Wrap Owen's pillows
  5. Laundry (so I will have clean clothes because I am almost out of clean clothes)
  1. Mail out Owen's pillows
  2. Work on Christmas stockings for family
  3. Keep studying for finals
  1. Still studying for finals
  2. Pack up glass dishes
  3. Buy cheap plastic dishes from Meijers
  4. Work on Christmas stockings
  1. Someday I will hopefully be done studying for finals...
  2. Work on Christmas stockings
  3. Wrap some Christmas presents
  4. Do some Christmas shopping
It will be a crazy week but it will settle down once finals are over and I will have three to four weeks off of school to relax and get lots of sleep that I have missed over the last 15 weeks of school and work.

Out I better get back to working on my crazy to do list.

Over and out
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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