Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 51: Installation of Insulation

Now say that title five times fast. If you are anything like me you'll try over and over again and sit there laughing at yourself (or at least I did) because it sounds funny. Lets just say it was a long night last night after removing, cleaning and putting up new insulation. It was a well deserved shower.

First piece going in.

One corner done.

Used duct tape to piece a couple of piece together for the large spaced studs.

We do own a ladder and step stool but hey guess what lets use the dinning room table chair. My dinning room table chairs are so dirty from us constantly using them as a ladder.

Wow just look at all the dust in the air. Wow look at the beautiful fan.

We used R-15 insulation for the full stud spaces (not really sure if that is what is to call them.) 

But we had 15 stud spaces and the precut bats had eight pieces in each set so we bought two of those but we still needed some pieces for under the windows. Since the precut bats were like $30 and the rolls of R-13 were $15 we decided to use the slightly lower R-value for under the windows since the area is slightly smaller. Really only above the windows and under one window the lower R-value was used.

Really only above the windows and under one window the lower R-value was used. Can you guess which window has the lower R-value?

Don't think that he did all the work. I helped tear down the old stuff, cleaned up, kept the tack hammer full, even put a few staples in and cooked dinner and went to the store to get duct tape and filled the truck with gas, and when it was all said and done rubbed his back.

Next up drywall.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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