Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 49: And then there was light

We have been putting off putting up the new drywall until all of the electric (meaning why the ceiling fan) was figured out. Well I am here to inform you that as of tomorrow new drywall and insulation will be going up.

First thing I did was to change the light bulb, I know wishful thinking. Light won't work it must be the light bulbs...wrong.
Then I replaced the switch because lets face it switches do eventually wear out. However, that didn't seem to be the problem either.

Next checked the fixture to make sure that none of the connections came loose. All where there and still connected. Then I was stumped and so I asked some of the guys at work. 

Next I went to the Lowes and got a circuit detector, thanks Little Shaft for recommending this to me. With this nice little device I was able to follow the circuit. So I went around the wall checked all of the outlets, they all worked. Next followed the wire that went up the ceiling it worked. Still stumped of why I didn't have any power up in the light. Then I remember that we removed the light that was in the closet. Well were that light use to be was the problem, Big-D didn't put the wire that ran from the wall together with the one that ran to the light. Once he fixed the problem I had power going to the light.

Once the circuit was restored and we put in the new ceiling fan.

Flipped the switch and look at that light!

Now we can finish up the drywall and have this room ready for some paint. Next major project after that will be new windows.

Stay tune for details on the master bedroom.

Over and out,
A Mechanical Engineer so never wants to be an Electrical Engineer

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