Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Gift Tags

I love adding that special little touch to Christmas presents, whether it is something simple like ribbon or bow or something a little more elaborate like customized gift tags or wrapping paper.

I pinned or liked (I tend to like more things then I pin) on Pinterest where someone used a word-search to label a present but wasn't able to find the pin (grrr). I really liked the idea but I am very practical we have big families and that would have taken just to much time to do. So I thought it was would be cool to do word-search gift tags. They didn't cost that much to do since I already had paper, and card stock at home, I used shipping tape to "laminate" them. I didn't want to do anything to expensive since I knew 97% of them would end up right in the trash.

There were pretty simple to make.
  1. Used a online word-search generator and typed in the names. (Sometimes it was rather hard to find the name that was needed.)
  2. Cut around the edge, taped to card stock.
  3. Used shipping tape to "laminate" the gift tag.
  4. Attached to present.
I really liked the way they turned out, however, some are like twice the size at the gift. Maybe next time I will make the font a little smaller in word.

Anyone else like to add special touches to gifts? Are you like Big-D, if it has a bow on it, its good enough?

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Word searches are awesome! *spends the rest of the day playing word searches*

    1. I was going to be mean and make my family members try to find their names to able to get their present. I reconsidered because that would just take up to much time.

      I love word searches, I have a book of them in the lab desk at work...don't tell my boss.


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