Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Happenings

I feel like we didn't get a lot done this weekend but then when I look around the house, I feel like maybe we did get a little acomplished.

I have a million things that need to be done still for Christmas, including finishing up Christmas cards that need to be mailed out, finishing up two homemade presents and a million other things that need to be done around the house.

Here is one of the Christmas things that we managed to do this weekend...

Like I totally love this picture. 

Hank watched Big-D the whole time he was putting the tree together, he stayed on his bed like a good boy and we eventually allowed him to lay on his bed in the living room once the tree was no longer laying on the floor.  I allowed him to sniff the tree while I was putting lights up but he was more interested in drinking the water out of the stand. He behaved really well around the tree but we aren't going to allow him to be around the tree unsupervised (ornaments are still sitting on the counter).

Be kind of cool as a Christmas card?

While Big-D was putting the tree together I got to play with a slower shutter speed and low light. 

I think this one would make a cool Christmas card as well.

Before: No light (aka I turned the flood light off).

After: 0.5 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

After: 1 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

The only half way decent picture I have of Hank by the tree and I still don't even like it.

Ugh we have no light in the living room. We have a flood light that we use so we can work out there. I think I will have to try again maybe during the day and see if I like the result a little better.

All lite up, flood light on.

Before: All lite up, no flood light. (I have since then fixed the lower branch lights.)

 After: O.5 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

 After: 1 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

After: 2 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

After: 3 second shutter speed, zoom burst.

Any one else put their Christmas tree up last weekend? Any tips for taking really good pictures of your dog and Christmas tree? 

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Wow, love the effect of the zoom! And getting a decent picture of dogs in front of trees? DAMN near impossible!

    1. Thanks, it's a pretty cool trick to do with the longer exposures. Hank would lay there but I couldn't get his attention long enough to get a decent picture, he would look at me and then turn his head back to the tree. I am pretty sure he is wondering why we brought the woods home with us.


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