Monday, April 2, 2012

The 28 Out Perfect Game

Day two giveaway: $20 gift Lowe's!!!

A perfect game occurs when a pitcher gets 27 outs in a row without a single batter reaching base.

Now I bet you are wondering well if you only need 27 outs then how can there be a 28 out perfect game.

June 2, 2010 is a day that will forever change Detroit Tigers baseball and Armando Galarraga life. It was the day that pitcher Armando Galarraga threw a the Imperfect Perfect game. He got the 27th out but the first base umpire said the batter was safe; it was a blown call that would cost Galarraga his perfect game. Galarraga would return to the mound to get his 28th out of the game.

The best part was instead of arguing with the umpire, Galarraga did the best thing that any professional athelete could do. He returned to the mound to finish his job. He walked away from the first base bag with a smile of disbelief. While first basemen, Miguel Cabrera, argued with the umpire. The umpire would later apologize to Galagarra for the miss call, Galagarra got his Corvette (you get a Corvette for throwing a perfect game) and will go down as the only pitcher to throw a 28 out perfect game.

I do have a point to this rambling and will get to that in just a second.

Okay, so here it is, the part that y'all have been waiting for so patiently.

In order to enter the contest to win the Lowe's gift card all you have to do is say whether the batter (guy in gray) is safe or not?

Leave you decision in the comments and you are automatically entered.

Please only one entry per person.

A winner will randomly be selected on April 3rd.

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Ps: The above photo is from this website.
Also Lowe's didn't endorse, sponsor and has no idea that I even exist.

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