Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Friendly Reminder...

There was a death in the family this last week...and when I say death it was a uncle's dog that pasted away from eating a pack of gum.

I thought I would post a little reminder because I know a lot of my readers have dogs, that a pack of gum can and will more then likely kill your dog if consumed. This also goes candies and other sugar free foods.

A chemical called, Xylitol, that is used as an artificially sweetener for sugarless gum, candies and food. It can take as much as a TIC-TAC to be lethal. Xylitol causes a dogs sugar level to drop and start seizuring. 

For more information go to

Also I would like to tell you that ONE penny can also kill a dog. The copper causes blood cells to break down.

Over and out,
A Concerned Dog Mama

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