Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Then & Now: Hank Turns 1

Hank turned one last Friday and OMG did someone get spoiled...don't judge.

So here are so pictures of the Hanky Panky and maybe a few funny stories.

Hank or commonly know as: Hanky, Hanky Panky, Bud, Munch, Munchkin, or Dude. (Or Tank by people who can't remember his name but remember the "ank" part.)

He was so little, he came home weighing 16lbs...he weighed in on Monday at 72lb. 

Ironically, we still have that Frisbee...

"This looks yummy..." I had a few flowers that bloomed in the beginning of May, by the second week of May I had to more flowers/plants. 

On of my favorite pictures of Hank, that rope at the time was longer then him. The rope no longer exist.

He's always been so helpful with chores around the house.

Yeah, he's pretty much that spoiled.

In July we took him to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. At first I was a little nervous how he would react to that noise and commotion, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it didn't even phase him. He just sat and watched the trucks/dirt bikes/quad runners go by.  

During that same trip he did a lot of digging holes and sunbathing. 

First time swimming was in Lake Michigan! 

Just watching people go by on the beach. He rode in the truck like a champ, I even did a little dune riding with him riding shotgun. 

Sometimes he makes doing chores a little harder...

"Ummm, Mom I think the house exploded...I didn't do it."

Chillin' in the backyard. 

His first fall. 

For his first Halloween he was a Hankarous...he didn't really like me putting the head part of the costume on him. I'm pretty sure if he had his way, he would have destroyed the whole thing.

Hank and his girlfriend, Remmy, these two are crazy together. I don't think crazy is even the right word...they are no stop from wrestling, running and playing machines when together. 

Hank's first Christmas! He got to see Santa at the local mall. 

There were some squeaker toys in this stocking...he was more entertained by chewing on this stocking then actually trying to get them out.

He was pretty spoiled for Christmas.

For news year we went running in the swamp behind my dads house. At this point I am trying to figure out what he has...(it's not a stick!)

Right about now I realize he had a deer leg. When I finally got him to leave the deer leg alone, he went back into the swamp...he then brought me the rest (or what was left) of the deer. 

Yep, he is that spoiled. 

It's been a fun and crazy year but I can't wait for the years to come.

Over and out, 
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Hank! He might be spoiled but he looks so happy! We will have to get together one day so our pups can play, especially since you only live an hour or so away! :-)


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