Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh The Humanity

Warning Extreme Cuteness...

I found my old point and shoot camera...guess what was on it? Some of the very first pictures of the Hanky. I got my DSLR like a week after I got Hank, so these are pictures of him when he was all of 9 weeks old.

For those that don't know we got Hank from the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania ..Like seriously once we got off the highway we drove for two hours in the mountains, but look at that gorgeous view. If I was ever to leave the great state of Michigan I think I'm going to move to the mountains. It was the longest trip I think I've ever done, 18 hours in a car, we some how pulled off a 20 plus hour trip in a day. I tell people that we got him from Pennsylvania and they think we are crazy for driving so far for a puppy and people I was crazy but I love that little face since the moment I saw it.

Look at those ears! On our long venture home, he seriously slept the whole way home. 

He still thinks that he can fit under the bed, I seriously fish him out from under the bed at least twice a day. 

Oh, how I love this boy. 

Napping after his first swim. 

See that man in this picture, that's my dad, he "hates" pointers. He wanted me to get a lab...yeah it looks like he "hates" that pointer for sure...

He now takes up all of that bed and then some...

Okay, I'm done...just to make you all feel better I had originally planned to tell you all about this amazing chicken recipe I made. There is always tomorrow. 

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. He's so cute!!! I bet the drive home to Michigan went a LOT faster than the drive to PA once you had an adorable little sleeping puppy to cuddle with. :-) I live in PA and I would totally drive to MI for a puppy so I don't think you're crazy for doing the reverse.

    1. Thanks and I can't believe how big he has gotten. I often say I wouldn't do it again but honestly if it was the right puppy I probably would.


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