Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coming Into The 21st Century

This weekend I decided to take the leap and get an iPhone. First new phone in over 6 years, I just kept calling my phone a stupid phone. It could make phone calls, text and take pictures but that's it. I was way over due for a new phone. And I am so happy that I got the new iPhone.

I have been hooked since I got it, I don't think I have put the thing down since Saturday night. One of the guys I work with walked into the lab office saw my playing on it and was said productivity just went down because I got a iPhone. This was the same guy that later "stole" my phone when I left it sitting on my lab bench to get something from a tool box. Want to know the sad part of this? It took me at least 10 minutes to even realize the thing was gone, yep failure at keeping a phone safe. He then told me to but a lock on it because if he had the time he would of really messed with it...Just to let you all know, I majorly messed with his phone a couple of weeks ago and I am due to for pay backs.

I am also now on Instagram, if anyone wants to look me up my username is CoolHandLyndsey.

Okay back to playing with my phone.
Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. ooo! Congratulations! I, too have a "stupid" flip phone - that's about 4 years old makes texting a miserable experience. But I cringe at the prices of data plans. Did you do much shopping around for your plan?

    1. I had a phone that had the keyboard to text one for a while, then I left it in a pair of uniforms and washed it, so I had the old flip phone and I agree texting = miserable. I didn't really shop around, we've had Verizon for years and Big-D doesn't want a smartphone I got a "cheap data" plan (smallest amount of data). Lucky for us thought our employer offers a discount through them and we both get a cell phone allowance since we don't have work phones and we use our cell phones for work purposes...there for data = "free".


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