Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is the World Ending?

I'm pretty sure I have the weirdest family ever...

My stepdad's birthday is this weekend, so my mom and stepdad had a get together over at there house. Which basically means lots and lots of food, drinking and well bullshit. Guys I needed waders to get through the evening.

You would think that it was December 20, 2012 and the world was actually going to end the next day with all the "end of the world" discussions that was going on. It was determined that we would all move back to the farm (because it's the biggest homestead.) Kid you not there was talk about taking the 120 acre farm building a concrete fence (my brother in-law family owns a concrete company...) around the farm to build a fortress...

Then they were talking about all the things that we need to stock the order that we considered important.
  1. Beer/Alchol
  2. Cigars/Cigarettes
  3. Shotguns/Guns of any type
  4. Ammo for said guns
There was never really any talk about how what we were going to do for food...maybe I'll get some cows.

But it didn't stop there...we then started discussing over who got what room, what walls needed to be knocked down to put in fireplaces and where to add more bathrooms. It was determined Big-D and I would live in the hunting shack out back. We also discussed if we are going to let people into the fortress and how we would determine if they were worthy of being with us.

It ended with all the females going I'm glad my husband isn't the only one that thinks like this. Yep that's right somehow we became a family of "preppers" (as my mom likes to call us). Still trying to figure out what exactly we are prepping for though.

It was a very weird evening, probably didn't help that their was a lot of drinking involve. 

Maybe my family is just dysfunctional...

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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