Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in November?


  1. That's a ton of good stuff! We have the JW Hol-ee Roller X Extreme ball and Athena LOOOOOOVEEESSS it. It's very durable and stands up to her chewing. We always put a dental bone inside of it and she is kept occupied for an hour trying to get that thing out of there!

    We also have the atomic treat ball and Athena likes it a lot too. We only give it to her sometimes though because it doesn't take her much time to get the treats out and then she resorts to chewing on it. Of course we also love the ChuckIt =)

    Did you get all of this fun stuff for a discounted price or something?!

  2. Got them off, I paid $76 bucks for all of those goodies! We needed a few more Kongs (horrible dog mom only had two and I was getting tired of having to fill them up every day). I have been meaning to get a ChuckIt, Hank has become very addicted to playing fetch and it was time. Some of the items are actually Christmas presents for him, I do want to get the ChuckIt glow in the dark ball, I felt bad I got home later today so we were only able to play fetch for 20ish minutes before it got dark and when we went inside, he kept pawing at the door with his ball ready to play.

    We had the other version of JW Rollee ball, he loved them during obedience class, and the instructor told me to get one and put a bone in it to keep him occupied...lasted 10 minutes, he tore the thing apart to get to the bone. Hank loves the Cuz (we call him ball man though), pretty durable, we just had to replace the one that I got him when he was like 4 months old and that was only because the squeaker finally stopped working. The set of tennis balls already gone but we go through tennis balls like crazy (I get free dead balls from the tennis center for this reason).

    1. We got a huge haul of stuff from a month or so ago. I can't believe how cheap their stuff is! We specifically bought a bunch of stuff from them because we wanted more Kongs as well and they have the best price on them. We only had two Kongs and now we have 6 which is so much more convenient!

    2. I know I saved so much! I think we are going to have to replace the red Kongs that we owned previously and will definitely be using them again. There is this toy called the Tug Jug (I think or something close that) it's on Amazon, I think Athena would love it.

    3. I have had the Tug a Jug in my Amazon cart for quite a while now and I just can't decide if I want to get it for her! I think she would love it, but I just have this feeling that she would destroy the rope on the end and I would be disappointed if I paid $15 for it! We actually have never given her a rope toy before though, so maybe we should start with that and see how she does?


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