Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Barware

I decided to play along with the NewlyWoodwards and the Dare to DIY gang. This week the project was to decorate your table. Okay that is pretty easy, I had some ideas of things I wanted to do. I just have one problem...this is the state of my dining room.

Movies, book, magazines and mail piled up. I don't even know what is in that blue bag or the Barnes & Noble bag. Fabric from a project. Washer and dryer. Under the table there is part of the refrigerator and the light fixture for the kitchen that I keep meaning to put up but haven't gotten to it. Let's not forget that handsome pup (and all of this toys shattered throughout my whole house). And under all that mess is a dining room table.

Okay so the guy is suppose to come in next weekend to start putting up the ceiling drywall. This means that we have nothing (except a couple garbage bags that are going out this week) in the living room and probably won't be able to have anything in there for a while. I am slowly becoming use to the fact that this is what my dining room looks like (along with the spare bedroom and office). I look at my dining room and I think I need to be on the hoarders show....ugh!!! 

Then I thought maybe I can do something nice to the island that we eat at. Then thought not the world's best idea, with Hank everything and I mean everything needs to be out of his reach and those cute little Christmas bulbs look like balls and he is a ball addict so yeah that wasn't going to happen.

I was depressed and didn't know what to do. Then it came to me in a dream (or when I was doing dishes) that I should totally decorate up those cute shelves next to my sink. (I think I might go to the store and get a couple strings of lights for around the window). Sorry for the horribly dark picture, that light above the sink is the only light in our kitchen, please see above for why that light is the only light in the kitchen. Also the Kongs aren't part of my decorations, just life living with a dog that is the same height as your counters and can open cupboards.

Close up of the left side.

I have a lot of bar ware, that I never use. And when I saw never use I mean it, my family loves to get me beer, wine, martini glasses. First off I drink beer from a bottle/can no need to make more dirty dishes that I don't want to clean anyways. Second off I don't drink wine or martinis. I do, however, have a massive shot glass collection. I bought a couple of different colored bulbs and filled the martini glasses and a couple of shot glasses for each shelf. 

Great Lake Loons, local baseball team. Ironically their team colors are green and red so I thought it worked with the color scheme quite well.

German Shorthaired Pointer ornament and a plain shot glass.

I got these polar bears from the pharmacy that I worked at a couple years ago. Penguin shot glass was given to me from Big-D's cousin when he went to the zoo in Chicago.

Close up of the right side.

We are Michigan State fans, therefore it only seemed right to have a green and white color scheme with a Michigan State shot glass.

I know Texas's colors aren't blue and white, however, I love my Texas Longhorns shot glasses. My mom has friends that live in Texas so I have quite a few shot glasses from Texas.  (I sometimes wish I was from Texas.)

Feel like something else needs to go on this self with the polar bears but all of the other shot glasses I have don't really go with the polar bears. Any suggestion?

I ended up having some leftover bulbs so I put them in this cute little bucket thing.

So I hope this counts...I decorated to entertain. However, no one comes over to my house because it's a mess and no one loves us that much. Just kidding, I just don't like people seeing my house in complete hoarder style. 

Next up figuring out how to keep a 9 month old GSP from attacking a Christmas tree.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen



  1. I really like the polar bear that is lying half way on it's head and shoulder. What a great way to add some Christmas to your kitchen!

  2. This looks great! Love the ornaments in the glasses and I"m thrilled that you were inspired to bring in some Christmas (and alcohol-related) cheer. ;)

    Also, my tables look like yours a lot, too. Where does all that stuff come from?

  3. Looks great! The perfect spot for some holiday cheer. Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY!

  4. haha... renovations are hard, aren't they? :) I like all the shiny baubles!! Good for your for adding some Christmas cheer in the midst of massive renovation! :)

    1. Sometimes I want to give up and move out and sometimes I am all for it. Last week or so has been a just give up mood, we have barely done anything in the house. Hoping to be able to put some drywall up so we can use the washer and dryer again. To add more Christmas cheer we put up our tree last night (pictures will be posted sometime today).


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