Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday started out not so good. I was already running late for work when I went to take Hank outside. We were three steps from being out the door when he had an accident. After cleaning it up, I was then in a big rush to get to work on time. I ran into the plant got to my desk when the guy I work with said "Nice shoes." I looked down and saw I still had my Crocs on. Now when you work in a plant Crocs are a little bit of a safety violation. I frantically called Big-D, who is the best guy in the whole wide world and got his butt out of bed on his day off at 6:45 AM to bring me my shoes. The guy that I work with later told me that I was pretty lucky to have a man that would do that for me, he informed me that he wouldn't do it for his girlfriend. I do love my Big-D very much and all that he does for me.

After the day started out kind of crappy it did get better after I left work.

Went to a going-away party for a very good friend of mine, Mikey. Mikey is one of my best friends, we've known each other since sixth grade. We dated on and off throughout high school and probably would have dated in college if it wasn't for the whole long distance relationship thing. Anyways, Mikey left of the Army on Sunday. I took Hank over with me and his parents were in love with his cuteness and how smart he was at 10 weeks old.

For mother's day my mom was having a cookout at her house. Unfortunately we didn't coordinate very well and Big-D's mother day celebration was at the same time. My only company while at my mom's wasn't even going to be there with me. Don't get my wrong, I love my mom but other than her there would be no one for me to talk to. My stepdad's side of the family kind of ignores me and my sisters could care less that I even exist. Bet you guys didn't even know I have two sisters. Anyways, I contemplated not taking Hank with me. I mean my mom hates dogs, my stepdad really really hates dogs and I really didn't want to listen to my mom chew me out about getting a puppy. I ended up taking him for the reason that I needed a friend there to keep me entertained, since my family was more then likely to ignore me. I was also hoping my brother would have the day off and Hank would get to play with his best friend, Dakota. Before we left our house, I made sure that he had a good play,  that he ate and that I grabbed toys and treats for his entertainment. 

I left Hank in the truck for a couple minutes (don't worry I parked in the shade and rolled down the windows) and took my dish to pass inside. I then told my mom that I had gotten a puppy. It went like this:

Me: "So do you want to see my puppy?"
Mom: "Why in hell did you get a puppy?"
Me: "Because I wanted one."
Mom: "Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before you got one."

My mom (the woman who hates dogs) was in love with him. She even walked him for a little bit, while I cuddled the new kittens. 

My stepdad's family is a little on the odd side. I had Hank in my arms and his sister told me that I should probably keep him tied up because he would run away. Mind you Hank is twn weeks old but for the most part he gets the concept of come. I had no issues with him not listening, except for when he found the cat under the deck. Even when we went for a nice long walk in the fields/woods where he wasn't even on his leash (I was a little nervous about this) he listened very well and stayed close by.

Then the thing that surprised me the most happened. My sister that never I mean never talks to me, didn't even congratulate me on getting engaged, came over and talked to me. Of course she mainly wanted to come over and play with Hank but I was surprised. She asked me all sorts of questions and was completely amazed when I told him to sit that he sat. She also asked me where my engagement ring was since she never had a chance to see it. I wanted to answer you could of seen it at Easter but you choose to ignore me, but I politely answered with I forgot to put it on. Then I got a weird look like how do you forget to put it on, I explained I work in a plant and I am not allowed to wear rings (or jewelry at all) so it's not in my daily routine to put it on. I mean most of the time I do have it on it's because Big-D remembered to grab it for me.

Hank was a very good boy for his first family outing. Everyone complimented on how well behave and calm he was compared to my brother's dog, Dakota. Mind you I spent an hour or so playing with him before we even left the house. (Don't give away my secrets.) My sister informed everyone that he sits when told to sit (I don't find this that amazing).

After a long hard day of playing, we came home and Hank passed out, which meant that I was able to do a few things (which included sweeping) around the house. He was one tired puppy because he slept with me until about 9 in the morning. That is late for him by the way, he usually has me up at 7.

However, I was a very bad puppy mom and forgot the camera. I mean I grabbed the camera bag but I didn't double check to make sure the camera was actually in the bag...opps. I know my sister got some cute pictures of him but likelihood of me ever seeing said pictures are well slim to none.

Well, I hope everyone else were able to enjoy mother's day.

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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