Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day I Can't Count That High

I have lost count on to what day we are on and I don't feel like counting to figure out.

I don't even really know what to name is post since this weekend was filled with a lot of random projects.

Let me first state the master bedroom has been painted and I have been happily sleeping in my bed for a week now. The paint wasn't even dry and I was moving the bed in there. Pretty sure I got a little high off paint fumes that first night but I don't even care cause I got to sleep in my bed.

My mom and stepdad stopped over this weekend (she brought me some homemade spaghetti sauce, Thanks Mom!) to see the house. They were both very impressed with not only the color of the room (they thought I'd go majorly bright orange) but how well my drywall joints looked. Then my stepdad critiqued my drywall and that made me a little mad and want to cry I thought they looked really good except for one.

I also think that we need to invest in some bedroom furniture now. We don't even own a dresser. We have this huge (14 x 15) room  and there is literally a bed and that small table (which I stole from my brothers room). 

We also put a door on this weekend. I was tired to having to put up plastic to keep dust out. Just ignore that fact that there is drywall missing around the door frame and that the door has to be painted.

On Saturday we started taking down drywall in the office closet and hallway closet. We are relocating the laundry room from the dining room and making a laundry room that we be right across from the master bedroom. This will be a large project since we have to remove walls and then build new ones; plus rewiring a room.

When my mom was over I could tell she was having a hard time picturing the new laundry room but I think it was because there were a lot of extra walls plus the new wall.

Before, looking in from the hallway.

Before looking in from the office.

After, the new wall (well part of it) from the office.

After, the new wall from the hallway.

We also practiced trust this weekend, when it comes to electricity in the house Big-D really trust me. Well I think it helps that the voltage reader thingy that I have beeps if there is current in the wire.

There was only one small incident during demolition. It was a rather very disgusting incident; we had SIX dead mice in the wall and let me tell you it smelled to bad. I think we have just about used a full bottle of Febreeze spray.

We have a lot more to do on this room but now that I only have a few classes I will hopefully have a lot more time to work on projects around the house and fun projects for baby cousin (stay tune).

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen

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