Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daily Dog Challenge: 3rd Edition

Trying to catch up on the Hanky Panky Daily Dog Challenge...I love that Hank's nickname is Hanky Panky. Here are days five through eight.

Day Five: Starts with B...Bed

Make a photograph of your dog with something that starts with B in the photo. It can be subtle or obvious, but tell us what it is so we don't miss it.

Day Six: Plain Background

A plain background can really set your dog off. Find a plain background and take a picture of your dog in front of it. (It's a mostly plain background).

"Why did you turn the lights on? I was sleeping and drooling all over your pillows."

Day Seven: Tongue

Show a little or show a lot? Give us your best tongue shot!

Day Eight: It's a Mystery

Interpret it any way you like, whether your dog is the next Sherlock Bones, is mystified by something he or she can't figure out, or does something that leave you baffled. Shoot whatever idea comes to mind. Just have fun with and share your photos.

"What? I swear I have no idea how this happened..."

Over and out,
A Engineer in the Kitchen


  1. Ooo I want to squish those jowls! Makes up for the last photo, hah. Thankfully my girls are *mostly* over that stage, but during the short time when we didn't know June could open cabinet doors, I'd come home and all you can ask is.. 'Well, did you at least have fun?!' :)

    1. He hasn't figured out the cabinet doors yet but he can get in the two lowest drawers in the kitchen. If he gets a hold of a paper bag he shreds it and it's a must to eat sticks in the house, pulls all of his toys out 2 seconds after I pick them up. But those ears get me every time.


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