Sunday, April 7, 2013

Someday Maybe...

The last of the walls to get taped and mudded...

This my office...someday (hopefully soon) the walls will be painted a gorgeous shade of bright orange, there will be some nice built in shelves in the closet area (where the ladder is), a new ceiling fan, crown molding, flooring, trim and some outlets need to be replaced. 

Oh at since like now half of my house doesn't have popcorn ceiling, the rest if on its way out. I guess that is like the only good thing that came out of losing my ceiling


  1. WALLS!!!! YAY!!!!! It's amazing how much of a difference walls make, ya know? ;)
    I love that you keep it real, and that you are doing this home reno on a real-life timeframe. Makes me feel like less of a slacker. ;) Thank you!

    1. The walls have been up for a while, actually I'm done taking walls down! Just need to get them all finished so I can paint. I think I'll be happy once paint is on my walls and I can buy real furniture and it will no longer look like I live in a dorm room.


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